I was using LG 24MP77HM Monitor since January 2015. It is a 24″ IPS Panel monitor with 1080p @ 60 Hz which is excellent for watching movies, browsing internet and any other computing use you can think of. The reader mode was also well.

Since I prefer AMD GPU for their cost effectiveness, I am buying them for the last 5 years. Recently I upgraded my PC and purchased a MSI Armor RX 470 which supports Freesync. This technology was released after I purchased my previous monitor in 2015 so I was looking for the right time to upgrade my monitor which otherwise did not need an update till 2020 at least.

A day’s research on what is available in India and what is the best bang of buck, I decided to purchase LG 27MP68HM monitor from Paytm via seller Cart2India for Rs 19,500 with Paytm discount coupon.



This new monitor has a 27″ IPS panel running at 1080p @ 75 Hz along with Freesync. If you have a compatible Freesync GPU then your gaming is going to be butter smooth.

LG also added Black stabilizer which changes the contrast and black level frame by frame which is noticeable when playing movies and videos. For regular computing tasks such as browsing etc, you won’t notice it. Its hard to capture black level in a photograph of monitor.

Black Levels

Black Levels

The optical area of this monitor is huge if you are like me who keep the screen at 2 feet distance from eyes This helps me a lot during my professional work. I still find 24″ to be a compact and better size and anything over 27″ reaches the TV territory.

Color reproduction is good out of the box but not perfect. I spent 1 hour on customizing color, contrast, brightness, gamma etc to my personal preference so that I can get good white and black level and color as close to sRGB as possible. This is a one time task only so I recommend you spend time in configuring your monitor.

Monitors are a one time buy so I always recommend people to pay a little extra to buy a good monitor. With this monitor LG has created a very nice IPS panel with deep blacks. I still find a 27″ OLED Monitor with 1080p @ 60 Hz to be my dream monitor but I don’t think I can buy them until the cost of OLED Panels reduces significantly. That will take time. Maybe by 2021.

If you are in market for a long lasting monitor which also serves your gaming needs and you use Freesync based AMD GPU then this is the best panel you can buy in India at this point in time. 


LG also has a 27″ 4K IPS panel at 60 Hz but that is too costly and something I did not need as my RX 470 is not capable of running games smoothly at 4K resolution anyway. However, if you can pay and if you own a GPU capable of good 4K gaming, by all means you should buy the 4K model.

The same applies for a 21:9 aspect ratio based LG Freesync monitor. While that is good, it is too big for the way I use a monitor.