I was looking for an upgrade to Bluetooth AptX which gives better sound quality and low latency in my home’s audio setup. AptX means you are getting much better and clean audio compared to regular Bluetooth but to reap this benefit you need compatible and compliant AptX devices. You can check in your phone’s and other device’s specification to see if they supports AptX.

Today I own a SoundBlaster Roar & OnePlus 3T which support AptX. My Sony SBH20 did not support AptX so I started looking for a suitable replacement and decided to upgrade to Brainwavz Blu – Delta during Flipkart sale for a final price of Rs 3,370.

This IEM has a very good build quality. The circuit assembly & battery is in the middle controller so earphones itself are very lightweight. The bundled manual is simple and explains everything easily.

Brainwavz Blu – Delta

Box content. (Curtsy : headphonereview.com)

  1. This IEM is heavy on base so you might not like it at first.
  2. The vocals are very clear when watching a video or listening to Pop/Rock songs.
  3. EDM is a breeze to hear on these.
  4. Earphones are little heavy which is fine as they keep the IEM stuck to your ears.
  5. You get Comply foam ear tips in the box if you want even more noise isolation.
  6. Battery life is little over 7 hours with continues music in AptX mode. Talk time should be even more. The LED will flash red when battery is low and if you are using this earphone, you will hear beeps indicating that it is time to charge battery.
  7. Charging battery takes over 1 hour for some reason no matter how fast charger I use. I think they charge slowly to maximize battery life.
  8. When not in use for 15 minutes, earphone turns itself off.

For my PC I purchased an Avantree Leaf  USB dongle from Amazon which is meant to give clean, low latency AptX audio to compatible devices. It doesn’t even need a driver in Windows 10. Once you plug it, you are ready to connect two AptX or even regular Bluetooth based audio devices to it.

AptX is enabled and working

AptX is enabled and working in PC


Bluetooth AptX working in OnePlus 3T

Bluetooth AptX working in OnePlus 3T

  1. There is an audio cue “Your Brainwavz product is now on” when you turn it on.
  2. When connected, it gives the cue “Your device is now connected”
  3. When turning off, it gives the cue “Powering off. Bye”.

These helps in better diagnostic of equipment and comes in very handy.

After 3 weeks of usage, I can say that I am pretty happy with the sound quality and user experience Brainwavz gives me. I wish Android had support to tell battery left in a Bluetooth connected device.