I was looking for a tablet for my home usage. More like a common tablet for people at home as well as guests. I did my research and purchased this tablet for the following reasons

  1. It runs Android 4.4.2 which allows me to create multiple user profiles including a guest profile.
  2. I live in Gurgaon where power cuts are common so I cannot leave my desktop PC to download something for long duration. Also, a desktop PC consumes more electricity even when doing a simple task such as downloading. Hence I use my tablet as a downloading device with a Samsung Evo 32 GB Class 10 Micro SD card.
  3. I needed a device to stream content to my TV via EzCast.

This tablet isn’t slower compared to any other tablet in its price range. We need to accept the fact that Android is slow everywhere. Lag is a part of life in Android’s ecosystem. Accept it and move on.

The hardware is fast enough for day to day usage. I don’t notice lag much though as I use this tablet mostly as a streaming or downloading device. I don’t even have an email app or Facebook app installed on this tablet as for those things I already have a Lumia 925 so why repeat the functionality.

The internal speaker is just loud enough for a single person’s use. I recommend using a set of small speakers if you are looking to use this tablet as a music device. The tablet was able to drive my Creative Gigaworks T20 speakers easily.

The colors are not over saturated. They are in fact muted so you might find the colors to be somewhat washed out. You can just adjust brightness and contrast as per your liking.

This tablet is not heavy and balances easily in your hands due to the rubber back. It doesn’t slip.

The OS on this tablet is near default Android without any bloat.

I purchased Dell’s official folio cover for this tablet from Dell’s retail shop. Pretty good I would say even if it is costly.

If needed, I can use this tablet as a small PC too by connecting a USB OTG cable to tablet -> USB hub -> Wireless keyboard and mouse -> Screen mirroring to TV.


Overall, Dell has done a very good job with this tablet. The only thing “not good enough” with this tablet is the screen but it will still be sufficient enough for majority of people out there at this price range.