It’s been a year since I started using EzCast. It has served me well. I did move to Teewe  for few months because Teewe’s Android App has a better interface than EzCast but Teewe has its own issues like frequent disconnection, reboots, crashes etc. I had to come back to EzCast after 5 months of staying with Teewe. My biggest issue with EzCast was with its UI but now with latest firmware updates, you don’t even need to use official EzCast app to use it.

I am still using my same old EzCast adapter I purchased in December 2014. It has received firmware updates in the meantime to make it better. I use it with my Dell Venue 7 3730 tablet and Lumia 830 which supports both DLNA as well as screen mirroring unlike my old Lumia 925 which only supported DLNA.

To connect, you just plug the adapter in TV’s HDMI port and give power using bundled USB + WiFi adapter. Then, your TV will automatically display this EzCast interface.

EzCast UI on screen

EzCast UI on screen

At this point you will be told to download the EzCast application for your device. Just go to Play Store/App Store/Windows store depending on your device and download the app.

Once you start it, it will automatically search and show you nearby EzCast devices and will show you the same name as shown in the interface on TV screen. Connect to it to start EzCast UI on TV. By default, it is already configured for good out of the box experience but you can customize it.

EzCast first connects to your home’s WiFi connection and then creates its own WiFi Hotspot. You need to connect your device to this EzCast’s Hotspot which then makes a local WiFi Direct connection between EzCast and your device thereby removing any need for a internet connection to play files saved in your device. This is one feature Teewe lacks.

However, since EzCast is also connected to your home’s WiFi, your device continues to get internet connection as usual. You can now browse the internet on your phone while playing items via EzCast.

I can use this device with my Lumia 830 as a DLNA adapter and show pictures, videos and play music on my TV wirelessly. This removes the need of a PC to show and see everything on a big screen.

DLNA using Lumia 925

Lumia 925 streaming to TV using DLNA feature in EzCast

My video consumption is online only now using either YouTube or Torrents. Since I have a Dell venue 7 tablet which I use for downloading all my torrents, I no longer have to copy them to my PC to see them. I can just stream them using EzCast to TV.

EzCast’s own app will let you stream videos to your TV but it doesn’t have the best interface. Actually, it is just plain ugly. This is how it looks like.



Thankfully, with latest firmware update you no longer have to rely on EzCast’s own app. I use AllConnect for Android which acts a DLNA server in your Android device. All you need to do is to connect your device to EzCast’s WiFi to make a WiFi direct connection and then you can select DLNA option from AllConnect to stream to EzCast.


Select EzCast DLNA for Android and other for iOS.



Once your device is on EzCast’s own Hotspot, you can also use official YouTube app to stream to EzCast via AllConnect. Just tap on Share and select AllConnect. If AllConnect already has EzCast DLNA selected, it will start playing that YouTube video on your TV in no time.


Sharing from YouTube


Playing YouTube video on TV

Due to this DLNA feature, EzCast also works fine with Windows 10 mobile. I can stream YouTube videos using Tubecast on my Lumia 830. For playing back videos stored on my Lumia, I can use Lumia PlayTo.


TubeCast playing YouTube video to EzCast.

I can mirror my Android Tablet’s screen to my TV in case I need to show something to people in my living room. This is very helpful during social gather ting when I can show them my Facebook albums on the big screen. Here is a picture of this mirroring using Miracast in action.

You can see a tutorial about how to use the Miracast on YouTube.

Screen mirroring

Mirroring screen of my Dell Venue 7 tablet to TV using Miracast feature of EzCast.

Overall, I am very satisfied with EzCast and the features it is providing at a dirt cheap price.


  1. Use with my Lumia 830 to show pictures, play videos and music on my TV.
  2. Use with my Dell Venue 7 Android tablet to directly play the videos I have rented/purchased on YouTube on my TV without the need of any external media player or Plex.
  3. Play movies downloaded from Torrents on my TV without a PC.
  4. Mirror the screen of my Android Tablet/Windows 10 mobile to TV using Miracast and show content to lots of people