Think of this scenario.

You go to a party with your friends. Everyone has a camera phone and everyone has a Facebook account. Everyone takes photographs of the outing and goes home. Now, how do you get pictures from everyone at one place?

One solution is using WhatsApp. People create a group on WhatsApp and share pictures. However, WhatsApp reduces quality of pictures & resolution a lot to reduce file size for transfer. So that amazing 8 megapixel picture you took goes as a 1 megapixel picture when sent on WhatsApp.

Other solution is Google Drive/Dropbox etc. But these are not widely used because  to use these everyone needs to have this app installed or signed on to some service like Dropbox where storage space is limited.

Option 3 = Email. Lets not go there. Managing pictures via Email is a mess already.

Best solution – Moments by Facebook.

The concept is actually nice. You install this app called Moments by Facebook and login with your Facebook account due to which all your friends are already there.

You start by creating an Album. Give it any name.

Upload pictures from some event or outing in this Album. I recommend that you go through your captured images first and remove all blurred, out of focused images etc. This way you won’t be uploading junk images.

Selecting pictures to upload in Album

Selecting pictures to upload in Album

If you want to go one step further, download an image resizing app from App Store/Play Store and reduce the resolution to something like 4 mega pixel which is sufficient enough for viewing pictures on a phone or even a TV screen.

Once your upload is done, share it with all your friends via Moments app itself. This will send everyone an invite link on Facebook Messenger. Once they also install Moments, this album will be available to them and they can upload pictures from their phones to this same album.

Soon, you will have pictures from the camera of everyone. People can then chose to delete duplicate or bad pictures. Now anyone can access all pictures easily.

All Albums

Photos upload in Moments app are stored in your Moments account and not your Facebook account.

However, once you are done with creating album and once everyone has uploaded pictures from their devices, you can chose to share these pictures on Facebook or via WhatsApp which will send the recipient a link to install Moments app and login with Facebook account using which they can also view or add pictures to this folder.

I have tried many photo sharing apps and even Shared Album feature on Facebook but people are too lazy to do that. They still share on WhatsApp and are happy to stay with low quality pictures. This is wrong. This needs to change. Give Moments a try, you won’t be disappointed.