I was  using a Samsung P2370MS since July 2011 but the use case at that time was different from what I have today.This Samsung monitor was a 23″ Full HD TN Panel so it was hard to find a reason to upgrade. It had a fast response time, very good color accuracy and plethora of connectivity options which was one reason to buy that monitor at that time.

However,  I am getting married now so I need a monitor strictly for PC usage and not a TV as I already have a LG 42LB550A TV. I was looking for following features in my new monitor before buying…

  1. Bezel less display.
  2. IPS screen for better viewing angles because Samsung’s  TN panel in old display used to give bad viewing angles.
  3. Better color reproduction.

After doing my research I found LG 24MP77-P which was fitting my requirements.


The package

The stand is hollow and you can keep things in it.

The stand is hollow and you can keep things in it.

Playing Far cry 4

Playing Far cry 4

My experience with this monitor has been amazing. In the same frame size of my old 23″ monitor, I now have a 24″ monitor. LG gives few pre-defined picture modes which come in handy.

  1. Reader mode is especially good as it reduces blue light coming from the screen resulting in less strain on eyes.
  2. Cinema mode when playing games or watching movies. This mode enhances the contrast and brightness for better color reproduction.
  3. A custom mode with high color accuracy when working on my design tasks in Illustrator or Photoshop where quality and accuracy of color matter.

This monitor comes with two HDMI and one VGA port. I am using this monitor with my Asus Radeon R9 270X DirectCU II graphics card and DigiFlip HDMI cable  This cable has a very good build quality. It is gold plaited and has a braided cord making it a long lasting cable.




The speakers are nothing to talk about as they are just basic speakers included for the sake of including a speaker. You are advised to use a better speaker with your PC. I use a Creative Gigaworks T20 Series II speakers.

The stand is sturdy and doesn’t move. Once placed and set, you can forget this monitor that it is even there.

I am very satisfied with this monitor and intend to use it for a long time. It is a very good buy for the price.