This is my first ever personal TV which I intend to keep for as many years as possible. TV technology has reached a stage where only a good quality screen matters as we can always extend the audio capabilities using external speakers.

I did my research and purchased LG 42LB550A. It is a 42″ Full HD IPS LED TV. This is an old model but the newer models did not have feature difference enticing enough to buy them over this TV.

I got this TV from Amazon for a final price of Rs 38,000.




Reasons to buy this TV…

  1. A non-gimmick, non-smart TV which only gives you a good quality 1080p 100 Hz screen and nothing else.
  2. It allows me to extend the audio quality through RCA audio output. I am now using my Creative Gigaworks T20 speakers with this TV.
  3. It allows me to make it a SmartTV using my EzCast. I can now play videos saved in my Lumia 925 or Dell Venue 7 directly to the TV and also stream YouTube videos to TV.
  4. This TV can play MP4, AVI, MKV files just fine from a USB Drive.
  5. Good up-scaling quality. I was able to see high bitrate 720p HD TV shows without any de-blocking or reduction in quality. 480p videos had lots of noise reduction applied.
  6. Good Black levels. Not perfect but than IPS panels are not known for deep blacks. Still, in room with proper lightning you won’t find anything wrong in it.
  7. Very low IPS glow. It is there if you look for it. I find my LG MP2477HM-P monitor to be better in this regard.

Overall, for my needs which include 90% playback using EzCast/USB drive, I am very satisfied.

Update, March 6, 2015: I connected my PC to  TV just to see how it is like to use a TV as monitor.

GX Machine connected to TV

GX Machine running on TV

Needless to say text rendering was not as sharp as a regular PC monitor but this is expected because due to 42″ screen size this TV has a low DPI. This low DPI doesn’t matter when using TV as TV but text will be blurred.

I also played Far cry 4 on it. The experience was nothing short of amazing.

Far cry 4 running on TV from PC

Playing in dark room.

And also Batman:Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight

It is cumbersome to plug out the PC and take it to the next room and re-plug everything hence I won’t be doing this frequently. Maybe once in a blue moon when there are friends over and we need to play games on a big screen.