How I use my new toy….I mean Nokia N79

This is to inform everyone that I have shifted to a Nokia N8 & I am no longer using my Nokia N79. If you need some help, kindly look into the comments & in most cases, your problem might have been discussed before too.


Since I use my phone for everything, I like to customize it. So far here is the list of all the applications I am using. I won’t be needing anything beyond these I guess. Most of these applications are freeware.

1) Opera Mini – Although Webkit is inbuilt but Opera Mini is still better & faster then Webkit & most importantly it saves lots of bandwidth & money when using over Pay-per-KB usage model usually available with Indian GSM Carriers. When I need to browser websites with a desktop like experience I use Opera 10. I use the Official GMail App for checking my GMail, and also the inbuilt mail client to check mails when I need to download attachment, send attachment etc.

2) For text chatting I use Slick & for Video Chat or Voice Chat over Skype & Google Talk I use Fring

3) For personal expanse management I use Best Expanse. It costs $12.

4) For downloading torrent files in the phone itself over Wi-Fi I am using SymTorrent.

5) I found a great application called WordMobi for managing WordPress blogs. I can write new posts, moderate comments, Delete comments, & reply to comments. It lacks the best UI out there but better then visiting the Dashboard using the inbuilt browser which is very small for this task.

Word Mobi & some other applications require the Python Runtime for Symbian S60, however, installing Python runtime on Nokia N79 is tricky so I recommend either using the inbuilt Nokia App update to download the latest version or downloading Python runtime 1.9.6 fixed or above from Maemo Garage. Keep in mind that all python applications should be installed on the same storage  where the runtime is installed.

6) Although I convert videos to native H.264 AVC based MP4 file before copying to phone, I still have CorePlayer installed in case I have a DivX encoded video to play.

7) Since I was having trouble installing unsigned applications, I installed SignSis & registered at to get my own certificate & published ID for my phone’s IMEI. Now I can sign any application in my phone itself, for my phone only.

8 ) The file manager of Symbian OS is good enough for my needs but I have also installed Y-Browser, just in case I need it.

9) For task manager, I use Handy Taskman. It’s quite good & simple & takes over when you press the Symbian menu key for some time. It costs $15.

10) Since N79 already has inbuilt search, I use it to search for information anywhere I am either on GPRS or Wi-Fi. It support searching on multiple search engines but I prefer to use Google.

11) To upload images & videos to Facebook & Twitter, I use Furtiv. It allows me to upload from the inbuilt Share online app of Nokia

12) I use Screenshots for Symbian to capture screen shots of my Mobile phone’s screen. Its quite simple & easy to use. Just start it & press the camera key for sometime & it takes a picture & saves it in memory card under a folder by the name screenshots.

13) For watching YouTube videos I use the official YouTube app for Symbian OS which can be downloaded by going to from your Nokia phone’s inbuilt browser.

14) If you want to use a picture with your contact which you will see when they call or you call then use Full screen caller.

You need to have good resolution pictures of all your contact if you want to use them. The screen resolution of N79 is 240X320 so ideal size which I have found for the picture is 120X160 pixel. Convert your contact’s picture to this dimension then use Nokia Ovi suite to attach the pic to a contact. On the next sync, the edited contacts will have the picture associated when they call.

15) When it comes to video conversion I use MediaShow Espresso on my PC to convert video with the following settings…

Video size = Keep the aspect ratio same, but reduce the size to 320X240. 16:9 Videos look contracted when converted to 4:3.

Video bit rate should be 384 kbps, H.264 AVC, keep the frame rate as original.

Audio = 128 kbps MP4 unless the source is having lower bit rate.

16) For Music sync, I simply use Windows Media Player which automatically syncs the song to the phone when connected in Media transfer mode.

17) Using Vectir I am able control my PC over a Bluetooth connection & control Windows Media Player, Media centre, Desktop etc. There is no need to buy a Media Centre remote now.

18) There is a great handy software called JoikuSpot Premium using which we can connect a PC to 3G internet of a Mobile phone. JoikuSpot turns your phone to a secure mobile WLAN Hotspot. No need for USB dongles, cables or Bluetooth. The light version is pretty much useless so premium is all you should buy if this is what you need. However, if you have Nokia Ovi Suite, you can also tether the connection.

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  1. great post!
    will refer to it when I buy the phone :P

  2. Congrats for phone!

    You are using just the right apps for your phone (suggested by Digitians? ^_^).

    Just curious…
    Why not Slick (for #3). It looks way better then IM+ and has more features.

    Also Smart Movie Player is a good option for Nokia phones.

  3. Smart movie is good but for that I will have to use a converter in my PC & the player in my Phone, so if I have to convert anyway, why not use TMPGEnc XPress & play in default Real Player without cluttering the phone with many applications.

    I tried Slick but I m unable to press the “enter” key in it. Other then that, Slick is good.

  4. Nifty Stuff there. Just curious if one can tweak blackberry connect client to be used on N79?

  5. I don’t know about that. I don’t need Blackberry service so never paid attention to it. Nokia E-Mail is available though with Push mail service for Nokia N79 so you can use that instead.

  6. How did you install y! Go? I have been having issues in my N79. I get the “Not supported on this device” message :(

  7. It wasn’t supported in the beaning, but after updating to the new 11.49 firmware when i checked again, I was able to install it easily.

  8. nice post dude thanx alot…even my previous phone was k750i but ditched it after having problems with network reception…i bought n79 but was not utilizing its actual power now thanks 2 this post ill b hooked to my cell for a long time:)

  9. How I use my new toy….I mean Nokia N79 | Nokia Blog - pingback on February 22, 2009 at 12:22 pm
  10. Hey Saurav…I am looking at the N79 and the N82 and I am kinda inclined towards the former. How good is the battery life and the internet browsing experience with the N79?

  11. Hi Saurav…! I read your post on mobile monster.

    Currently using 1600 & looking to buy N79 / N82
    I dont know anything that what is firmware?
    can i use that all s60 v3 application and java games/app. available on the net. ( cracked OR freeware) ?

    Please suggest.

  12. Firmware is the Operating system on which the mobile phone runs. Its like Windows OS for a mobile phone.

    Applications need to be signed by the manufacturer before you can install on Nokia N79/N82 else you will need to hack your mobile phone’s firmware after which you can install any application whether cracked or not.

  13. Thanks a lot.
    Finally tell me, is firmware of N79 is hackable ?

  14. It can be hacked using HelloOX

  15. hello saurav , i am ali , engineer in shakti bhawan lucknow.
    you mentioned about mobi tubia for youtube video , i think you should try vuclip to DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEO DIRECTLY in your phone and can be play in real player .Thanks for this very very very useful post .

  16. can u suggest some other screenshot taking utility..
    screenshots for symbian doesn’t work well with my N82

  17. vuclip is not an application but a small website. I prefer Mobitubia instead as it downloads the whole clip so no buffering problems.

  18. nice info man
    how to connect wifi wth bsnl modem???
    when i do so it says no gateway reply…
    plz xplain me in detail..plz

  19. Which BSNL Modem you got? I got BSNL DNA-A211-1 Model.

    1) Enable WiFi in the Modem if it isn’t already on. Type in a browser address bar to open the Router configuration panel, enable wireless from somewhere there as it is in your modem.
    2) Give a SSID Name like “My WiFi” or something else & give a WEP Key if u r concerned about others using your WiFi
    3) Turn on WiFi discovery in N79 & enter the WEP key to connect, It should work.

  20. Hey,
    For WIFI what is the provision to connect to SSID that are not hidden i.e not broadcast.

  21. If a SSID is hidden, then I don’t know how to connect to it.

  22. thank you for your post.i have a problem regarding mobitubia.the application is getting opened but getting closed while selecting video.what would be the problem?

  23. Its a bug that even I face, mobitubia just crashes

  24. hi,

    Nice app. use nimbuzz for chat and voip call.

  25. My favorite mobile phone is the legendary Nokia N95 8gb :) I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  26. hi,
    i have n79..can i run python on it?

  27. Many Thanks!! Used many of the tips on your blog to set up my N79. THANKS!

  28. I have like 56MB of “other files” on my N85 and I have no clue what they can possibly be. I only put apps on my phone memory and all the pictures and video go into my memory card. How would I go about finding these “other files”? how i can i delete it ???

  29. You should install everything in Memory card unless it is a software which you require when & If you don’t have access to Memory Card.

    When you copy a file to phone via Bluetooth or internet download, then if it is a file which the phone doesn’t understand, it will go to the “Others” folder

  30. Hi! thanks for posting this. I’ve been clueless on playing videos on the hp. Shall try some of the softwares you recommended :)

  31. Hi, how do i clear my phone memory? when bought i had 45mb free memory but now only 13mb. im using nokia n-79 1

  32. You don’t need to clear the phone memory. It does so automatically. If you like, you can restart your phone ones every 2 days or so to get more free memory.

  33. after my firmware update i lost the applications which were given by nokia.
    i lost oxford dic,wavesecure,smstimer and themeDIY…..i searched alot for them in google but i am getting only trail versions..plz help me in this..

    and while connecting to wifi “no gateway reply “error is i need to create any access points manually to connect..
    thanks in advance

  34. No Gateway reply comes when the WiFi is not broadcasting anything, means its not connecting to your phone for some reason.

    You can download WaveSecure from, rest of the applications should be available from Nokia Ovi Store, check there. Google is the last place you should search for these application.

  35. is there a way to connect my n79 to my laptop through wifi. coz cable is too much of wires and i havent got bluetooth or infrared.
    i can connect to laptops with wifi through ad hoc. but it does not work with n79. is there a free app i can download. plz reply..
    & thanks anyway for the other info

  36. Could you please tell me how you obtained the licences/Publisher ID to sign sis applications in phone using ‘SignSis’. I registered in Simbian signed but it has only provision to sign online without publishe rID? Did they changed it recently?

  37. Your laptop should have bluetooth adapter inbuilt, use that. If not then you can buy a 3rd party bluetooth adapter for very cheap.

    I don’t know about connecting Nokia N79 with WiFi to laptop as I never needed it. Though I did use joikuspot to connect laptop to N79 to share the internet of Nokia N79. If all you want to share is internet then joikuspot is good enough.

    @ Thomas, you can get the OPDA certificate from ipmart-forum

  38. hi dude…
    i wanted to ask ya smthn …i use net on my laptop..
    if i do NOT use a gprs…can i access my laptop’s internet on my nokia phone ??(5800xm)
    thnx and regards

  39. Hi Abhishek, it is possible by sharing your internet via bluetooth & Ad Hoc WiFi, but I don’t know how to do it. You can do one thing, get a wiFi router/modem & using that you can access Internet on your Laptop as well as Nokia 5800 as it also has WiFi Support

  40. i can not play any java games on my n79 -Do i have something like java run time environment as we use on our computers

  41. Dear Saurav, Thanks for sharing ur experience and utilities for N79.

  42. Hi I recently got a nokia n79. When i transfer anything from another cell phone to this, it goes into the inbox folder from where i’ll have to individually shift those onto memory card. Is there anyway I can change the settings so that all files from bluetooth directly go into the memory card and not phone memory? I looked through bluetooth settings and did not find such an option. If anyone knows about this, pls share..

  43. @ Kavya Each file you receive will by default will go in Messaging. However, you can change where the files are saved. Set the SMS Storage to Memory card in Messaging settings. After this everything will be stored in your card’s memory when u transfer over Bluetooth, including your SMS. So, if you loose your card or take out the card for sometime, then you won’t be able to see the SMS saved.

    One solution I recommend is that if u transferring files more then your Phone’s available memory then for sometime, change the SMS Memory to memory card, receive the file via bluetooth which will now directly go in Memory card, from where you can save it anywhere U like.

  44. Hi Saurav,

    I recently purchased N79 and i am happy with it. I installed java applications on it in the beginning but now when i try to install java apps it hangs for a little time and then displays a message “Unable to install”. Can u help me regarding this.

  45. Can’t say what is the problem. Try installing in the other storage available. If it doesn’t work then try resetting the firmware

  46. Thanks, If i reset the firmware, i m sure i will lost all preinstalled good applications,

    Is it possible to recover them later?
    thanks in advance

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