Tips and trick for Nokia N8

This is an update to my previous blog post since now Symbian Anna is released. The previous tips and tips still remain valid while some new ones are added.


I have found some cool tips & tricks from my own usage or over the internet. Here are some of them which I will update as I find more.

Keypad shortcuts (Select "Call" from home screen)

  • Bluetooth ON/OFF: Long press on ‘*’ key.
  • Call log: Press call key
  • Open browser: Long press on ‘0’ key
  • Silent profile: Long press on ‘#’ key

Keypad codes (Select "Call" from home screen and type)

  • Hard reset: *#7370#
  • Soft Reset: *#7780#
  • Show IMEI: *#06#
  • Info about phone software: *#0000#
  • Display Bluetooth MAC address: *#2820#
  • Display the WLAN MAC address: *#62209526#

Usability improvement tips -

  • Edit Home screen – Long press on anywhere on the home screen changes to edit mode.
  • Faster Home screen – turn of theme effects from Themes settings to make switching between home screens instant.
  • Forced Reboot – press power key for eight seconds simulating battery removal.
  • Screen Saver Notification – Use ‘Music Player’ screen saver to show new SMS and missed calls icon on screen. Time, Date, Profile and Music being played will also be shown if enabled.
  • Silence Calls/Snooze Alarms – Turn around your phone upside down to silence calls or snooze alarms (set it on from Settings > Sensor settings).
  • Widgets Online/Offline: select Options > "Widget to Offline mode" from home screen.
  • When in the file manager and when in the mass storage/phone memory/memory card, simply tap on the camera button (Autofocus) and it will bring up a search box.
  • Camera: use Pinch zoom to switch between 9 MP or 12 MP resolution for photos.

USB On the Go – Nokia N8 supports connecting pen drives, external hard disks with there own power source and even Wireless Keyboard & Mouse to connect via the supplied USB adapter. I have myself tested successfully this by connecting my Microsoft Wireless Desktop 6000 to my Nokia N8. You will get a full cursor & you can type using a wireless keyboard too.

You can very well connect your N8 to a HDTV with the supplied HDMI cable & use a small wireless keyboard & mouse & can use it as a computer too.

Here is a video of me using my wireless mouse & keyboard in the N8.

Using my Microsoft Wireless Desktop 6000 with my Nokia N8 with USB OTG

Nokia Battery Monitor – The battery monitor on default Symbian^3 doesn’t give detailed information. That is because it is not required to have detailed information in most cases for a casual user. However, if you still want detailed information then you can use Nokia Battery monitor.

Nokia Battery Monitor consists of a home screen widget and a full screen application. The widget is used for visualization of remaining battery capacity and activity estimates. The full screen application provides more details and statistics of energy usage.


Change interface font to Nokia Pure –

Nokia has now retired the Nokia Sans font in favour of a new font called Nokia Pure. This will be the new font used in all Nokia phones now in future.

However, if you want to use the font right now then you can download Nokia Pure from here then follow these instructions…

  • Go to Ovi Store and install "Font zoomer lite" and "Xplore".
  • Rename any font in the archive you downloaded to font_temp.ttf and copy it somewhere in your phone.
  • Switch to any sample font supplied by font zoomer in the app (other than default).
  • Accept all dialogs after apply. Don’t reboot just yet.
  • The zip you downloaded above has Nokia Pure font, renamed to font_temp.ttf. In C:\FontZoomer folder a font is now present with font_temp.ttf. Replace this, with the one available in the zip you just downloaded. To do this, you can use Xplore, as it will show you fontzoomer folder, inside C:\.
  • Now Reboot.
  • You can switch back anytime using FontZoomer app to the default font and after a reboot you will get Nokia Sans back.

If you have a memory card installed in your Nokia N8, then you can use this steps instead of the above.

  • Attached your phone in Memory card mode to your PC.
  • Extract the archive you download above and copy “resource” folder to x:\ where x is the name of your memory card drive in Windows Explorer.

This is how the font looks in my phone, a comparison of old and new font in my Nokia N8.


This is how the SMS view looks like, now with Nokia Pure.


My thanks to Yogeshwar Padhyegurjar for this method of changing font to Nokia Pure, which also works with upcoming Symbian Anna update.

I have made a basic theme with only custom icons for some 3rd party apps and nothing else. You can download it from here. You will need to sign it with your own certificate though.

I hope you find these tips useful. If you have any of yours, then you can also mention it in the comments.

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60 thoughts on “Tips and trick for Nokia N8”

  1. Hi Saurav,you are doing a great job for N8,congrats and keep it up!

    Is there any ScreenSnap software for N8?

    How to enable time,profile in screen saver?

    How to switch off WLAN?

    Kindly share!

  2. Hi Dhanush

    1. I use Best screensnap for taking screenshots in my N8.

    2. Those cannot be shown in the screen saver unless u press the menu key when the phone is locked & is showing the clock.

    3. Click on the Icon next to the battery which is named as “Connectivity”, from there you can select the WLAN name & then right click on it by pressing on the Connection’s name & select “Disconnect”

  3. great work man. I have few quiries
    First about USB OTG – How much capacity harddisc can n8 support? I mean it didn’t support my Sandisk 320 GB which had no external power supply nor any adopter socket where i can provide ext supply.
    Secondly my N8 is giving me battery backup of not more then 18 hr, the same usage give me backup of 2 days on my old N73 & E51.
    Thirdly when ever i take a photo in night wid flash(i bought n8 due to xenon flash), bubbles probably of dew come in pics making it blur..
    I wud b highly oblidge if u find time for me.. :)

  4. @Yasir,

    1. N8 support small pen drives etc. If it is a bigger harddisk that you want to use then you will have to give it external power as N8 can only power small devices.
    2. It is a more advanced device compared to Nokia N73 or E51 so it needs more battery power. This is natural.
    3. Clean your lens with a soft microfiber cloth before taking a pic. Those are dust particles which block the light and shine.

  5. :smile:

    Thanks for this great tips,such a expert.Some of this are new to me,you share so much and it really help like me,I’m not really a cellphone wizard.I bookmark your blog,just in case i need help bout my cellphone.Great post.I know more tricks in Nokia,I’ll tell my friends.

  6. I don’t get it, why will you buy Nokia N8 when you can clearly see that Nokia’s OS is going down the road. There’s Android which is much better than Nokia’s OS and very cool Android based mobiles are available in the price range of Nokia N8.
    Meh..You’re just a Nokia Fanboy :wink:

  7. @Anonymous Did you read my review of Nokia N8? The reason I opted for Nokia N8 are

    1. A Camera, which is better then any Android based camera phone out there. It has a xenon flash which no good Android phone currently has.
    2. Most if not all features which are coming in Android are already available in Symbian. Can you use a regular keyboard and mouse in Android phone? I can. The USB Host feature coming in Android Ice Cream sandwich which will come in Q4 2011 is already available in my N8 since Oct 2010.
    3. Android has low battery life then Symbian. Symbian is very resource friendly. The apps run native code and not some Java virtual machine like what Android does. This increases performance.
    4. I get full turn by turn, voice navigated GPS with Ovi maps in India. Nothing like that possible with any Android phone here yet.
    5. Good Android phones need 1 GHz CPU to work. Symbian^3 and Nokia N8 don’t, so they give better battery life and cost less.

    The only thing Android users brag about is the number of apps available. Well, I had a conversation with one Android fanboy ones and every app he said he uses which I also use, I had an alternative for Symbian already.

  8. On your home screen, click on option and select “Widget to offline mode”. Also, see if you are running some app in background which is trying to connect to internet

  9. Hi Srivastava,

    I have a serious problem with my nokia n8. It is crashing from 2 weeks and restarting by itself. It is very annoying and embarrasing for me whenever im showing n8 to my friends and it suddenly crashes and restarts. I have found out the cause for it as well. But unable to find a solution apart from formatting my n8. The cause for the problem is push mail. It is using the C drive space to save the mails. Free space on C drive has reduced to 120mb which is causing my n8 to crash and restart. I tried deleting the push mail, but i didnt get back the free space. Still it is the same and im unable to use pushmail now to send any files like photos. If I tried to use pushmail to send 8/10 photos, it crashes and restarts. Please find time for me and Give a solution if you know.

    Thank you,

  10. Hi……….m thinking to buy N8… some pts i came to know abut USB on the go….is that some of the pendrives like scandisk 4GB or trancend 2GB doesnt work on it….it says device not supported………so what is the solution for it…..dats y m little confused……wether to buy it or not///

  11. Hi Nikhil, Using USB OTG you can connect a pen drive or keyboard or mouse to your N8. If the device is not supports, it could be due to a incompatible file system. A Format of that pen drive with default settings in Windows will fix it.

    However, these pen drives need power to operate and USB OTG only provides power enough to make these small devices work. Bigger external hard disks etc will not work as it has no external power to it.

  12. Hi Saurav, my Nokia nN8 got liquid damaged and as a result the touchscreen stopped working, all the buttons (e.g. camera, home and power all work fine)i was wondering if any type of usb mouse would work? Or do i need a certain type, any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

  13. hi,, I tried 8gb pendrive of transcend and also of sandisk but i keep getting ”not supported” will u plz help…
    Plz suggest sm pendrive and hard disc which i can use in mu n8 witnout having this querry…

  14. hi saurav
    I m getting serious problem with my n8, my cell hangs suddenly some times and i m unable to do even switch off my phone i have to wait untill my cell switch off automaticlly when it gets battery low. after that next day i charg cell and it get start and hang off, i m bugdd off of this problem, due to the internal battey i m unable to find any solution, plz help me, plz mail me the solution, as early as possible….

  15. Hi there… Previous to updating my phone, I personalized my phone and set it to ‘off’ for warning tones, key tones and for touch screen tones, but I notice when during a call and need to select numbers, there is no silence and a tone is sounded when a number is pressed. How do I mute the tone on the number pad during a call? I didn’t think I would have to do this separately as all was silent before updating. Thanks.

  16. Hi friends,

    I have made these changes settings -> profiles -> general->Personalise-> Vibrating alert= ‘ON’

    my query is after these changes whenever I get a cal the phone is only ringing its not vibrating. I have tried with different combinations but its not wrkng, do plz help..

  17. i always open my thumb drive using n8,never had a problem with it,here the name thumb drive that i use;kingston 101G2/16GB,kingston DT100/8GB and kingston DT100/16GB.
    Just to share,it convenience for me,i don’t know about you all,once i transfer 10gb my manga collection that i download using my n8 to my 16gb thumb drive,that pretty amazing for me,i don’t have to open my laptop to get this transfer done,but don’t use y browser or x-plore or any 3rd party file manager because it very slow,i don’t know why,but if you want to transfer large files just use the default file manager.And for anyone who had a problem to connect their thumb drive just format it to fat32,it will work..

  18. Hey! Everyone. I am Jaspreet from Punjab. I am going to tell you about pen drives which should be used with N8. Some people using N8 might have seen problems using pen drives. Friends the pen drive which is showing ‘device not supported’, is not your right choice. Old USB drives were having different ports, and the pendrives now used have different ports. So messing with Saurav about pen drives will not work. Just buy SanDisk 8GB’s my opinion, and Thumbdrives- which kuchieusei is telling.
    Format the pen drive to FAT32.

  19. my nokia N8 is showing only 200kb approx ,i did connect it via usb to my lapi it shws the same, were my internal memory of 16gb vanishd ???any solutions :sad:

  20. hi,how could i print a photo from my nokia n8?
    i have a normal printer (doesn;t contain bluetooth or wifi)
    when i connect my nokia n8 with a usb on the go, my phone could not search for this printer. i wonder why?
    printer :deskjet 1050 hp.

  21. I tried to run an 320GB Transcend (no external power supply) HDD on N8 via otg. I first created a 40Gb Fat32 partition in athe hdd. and guess what…. that 40 gb fat32 partition aws successfully recognized by N8. :grin:

  22. Hye there.
    I just notice something with my n8. The phone silent itself when I turn my phone side down when it ringing. I already change the sensor setting by unchecking silent calls in sensor settings. Do you know why this happened? Plus, the phone is ringing just for a while and went silent when I put it side down.

  23. hey yana
    it means there is a sensor setting by which you can silence your calls, You can check it out in SETTINGS option there is SENSOR SETTINGS where you can enable and disable them

    & saurav
    I have installed Symbian Belle in my N8
    Now my phone memory’s Free space is down to 10 MB,
    i hv found out that all my mails are being saved in my phone memory is there a way to move them to mass memory
    Thanks in advance

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