Google released there own browser few months ago which was the first product in ages to come out of the famous Beta tag of Google within 2 months of release so as to appeal to the OEMs. Despite of Google’s stupidity of saying “Windows 7 users should be asked to select there default browser on each startup”, Google Chrome still is making noise in the browser market & is touted as the next best thing after Sliced bread.

Google Chrome is based on Webkit Rendering engine which was created by Apple which Apple copied from KDE’s KHTML engine. Webkit has gained so much momentum that people forgot about KHTML & now use Webkit only for there browser development. Webkit is also powering the mobile browser of iPhone & Symbian S60 OS.

Google added there own faster Javscript Engine called V8 to it which sparked the era in all the browsers to provide faster Javascript performance as most of Web 2.0 is based on JavaScript. Even in the company where I work we have stopped using Flash in favor of Javascript & Even the banner ads we create are made using JS. Its just better & works everywhere, even on mobile phones as JS is better then Flash when it comes to resource usage.

Firefox is the regarded as the best browser out there due to its Open Source structure, Extensions & 3rd party Extensions support. Firefox has indeed managed to crack the market share of Internet Explorer but now we have Chrome in the block which is eating the market share of Firefox. Firefox looks kind of ugly on Windows & its not a native windows browser, instead it tries to shove XUL all over. The good part of Chrome is that it is made with Windows in mind & so far follows many Microsoft recommended ways of creating an application for Windows platform.

I used Google Chrome for 3 days as my primary browser & I am already missing many features. Although Google Chrome is really fast to execute & open pages, it still lacks features which I need.

So far this is my take of Google Chrome.

1. No Extensions support. Although it is being said that Google is planning to support extension support to Chrome.

2. No Ad blocking support. Google is a company which makes lots of money through AdSence so obviously they would want there browser to show all the Ads. I was however able to find a good ad blocker for Google Chrome called Ad sweep which is like Adblock for Firefox but will work with many browsers.

3. After some searching on Google I was also able to find some tutorials to use Google Chrome as Power users

4. My 3rd party plug-in don’t work, yet. What I miss the most is AI Roboform, Orbit Downloader, Microsoft File transfer manager, something like Configuration Mania for Firefox & something to block or unblock Adobe Flash. Rest all is already there & the UI of Google Chrome is already simple & minimal.

5. I like the Omni bar. One bar for address & search. However, in Firefox if I write something in the AwesomeBar & press enter, I am automatically redirected to the website which is most relevant. When I write gxsaurav in Firefox awesomebar I am redirected here but in Chrome it opens a Google Search Page. This I don’t like.

6. Google Chrome is the browser I have given to my Sister & dad to work on there user profile in my Shared PC. They like it as it is very easy to use.

7. Its wrong for Google to install Chome in the user folder instead of Program Files in Windows. On Windows Vista Chrome is installed in

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

After installation just copy all the files from this folder to your program files Folder after creating a folder named Google Chrome. Copy all the files from the version # number folder to the root folder & then use Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has a long way to go. It does looks promising & the fact that Google is advertising Chrome like anything, it can indeed create a serious dent to even Firefox. Now, I am just hoping for 3rd party developers to release plug-in for chrome soon.

Update : You can run Google Chrome as a portable standalone application now, thanks to Devrexster.