Update: I have sold this monitor and upgrade to LG 24MP77HM.

I have been using a LG W203LTQ LCD Monitor for almost 3.5 years now. It served me well with very good colour reproduction, compact size and no maintenance required at all. It never malfunctioned. I initially purchased thinking that some day I will use Blu Ray players with it as it supported HDCP over DVI when used with a HDMI converter.

However, the movie distribution scene for me took a detour and all of my video content is digital now. Also, HDMI took off in the industry due to which my Nokia N8 came with a Mini HDMI port and my Dell Latitude E6420 also comes with a HDMI port so I needed a monitor with native HDMI so that I can output audio as well as video over the same cable.

My search started for a cost effective LCD Monitor with a full HD resolution display. I saw many but Samsung P2370MS caught my attention due to its feature to cost ratio. It just fit for all my requirements.

This is not a review of Samsung P2370MS. For that, I recommend that you read various available online. This blog post is to show my take and why I selected this monitor over other models available.

  • I was looking for a monitor with 1080p resolution.
  • HDMI input as the must but the connectivity options of this monitor caught my eyes. This monitor supports HDMI 1.3.
  • I am not someone who likes very big screens and not someone who watches T.V so 23” screen size is sufficient for me.
  • It has inbuilt 2×3 watt speakers, good for casual videos or T.V shows. I use headphones though so this feature did not matter a lot to me.
  • Ability the tilt the display 20° up. This solves lots of issues with vertical viewing angles.
  • It even comes with a full fledged remote control as visible in the picture above
  • Wall mountable as well as a stand.

This monitor supports all connectivity options you can think of, except for Display Port which I think never took off at the PC side. It is mostly found in Mac only. Here is a picture of the rear, input panel.


As you can see, everything is taken care of.

  • RGB, DVI, HDMI, Component Video Signals
  • Separate H/V, Composite Sync Signals
  • D-sub, DVI-D, HDMI, Component, Composite, Optical Out, Audio In, Headphone Out

You can directly connect any gaming console, handy cams, digi cam, most mobile phones supporting HDMI or some sort of TV out to this monitor without requiring a computer at all.

What I really liked about this monitor that I can connect a regular 3.5” Audio In cable from my PC’s rear audio output to the monitor and the audio will come from the monitor’s speakers. But, here is the best part. You can also output this audio again via another 3.5mm Audio Out point to connect to a regular 2.1 channel speakers setup. You can also select to switch the audio output on the fly with the bundled remote.

Not just this, if the input is HDMI then you can also use the Optical out to connect a 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel speakers setup, provided that your sound card supports. If you are using a PC, then it is recommended to use PC’s sound card’s optical output. Since I use headphones, I am not able to test this feature set. But this should be self-explanatory to those who are looking to make such a setup.

The speakers are nothing to brag about though. Maybe since I have never been a speakers guy but a headphone guy, I am not able to judge the quality of the audio. I recommend that you listen to it when buying the monitor. In my usage, for casual movies with friends the monitor was good enough. For serious usage, I recommend separate speakers though.

Colour reproduction was good, once properly calibrated to my taste. The increased resolution helps while multitasking on Windows 7, as 1080p is the ideal resolution to use with Windows 7.

You will require a big table though as on my previous small table, this monitor was not very stable. I recommend a 3X2 feet table for this, at least.

Monitors are usually long-term investments. I am sure I will be using this one for a long time to come. I got this in new Delhi from Samsung authorised dealer after negotiating a price of Rs 10,500 in Nehru Place. This monitor also won the Digit Magazine best buy award for Monitors.