The new mobile theme is alive

I am happy to announce that this blog is now compatible with smart phones and other smart devices. I just finished creating a custom theme which is similar to the current blog theme in look & feel but adjusts the blog automatically when viewed on a mobile device.


For this I am using on few WordPress plugins and some tricks.

  1. WordPress Mobile Pack – This plugin automatically detects whether the user is viewing the blog from a mobile phone, smart device or a computer and depending on that it loads the mobile centric theme & layout.
  2. I had to disable Lightbox & Contact form 7 for mobile theme as they were loading JavaScript files which were not required in case of user reading the blog in a mobile phone. I am using a simple Wp-contactform for mobile view.
  3. You can contact me using the contact form whose link is given in the header as an email Icon. You can also find me on twitter, Facebook, Ovi, Flickr & LinkedIn using the links given in the footer.
  4. The theme is tested & working fine in Nokia browser, Android 2.1, iOS 3.0 & Opera Mini/Mobile. I request users to check my blog in as many devices as possible and let me know of any bug you encounter.
  5. The best way to read my blog is to subscribe to the RSS feed in your device using the RSS icon in the header. That will ensure that you get all my latest posts & updates delivered to your device automatically & with proper rendering for the device.


ixEdit : jQuery for Dummies

Recently, with the help of my fellow ex-SlideShare buddy Sri Prasanna, I started learning bit of JavaScript for my interaction design needs. JavaScript has always fascinated me & considering in today’s time all the browser vendors out there are trying to make JavaScript compiling as fast as possible, combined with the advent & arrival of HTML5… JavaScript is sure to take on the world.

However, I don’t know JS programming, though I have been reading by the tutorials at Eloquent JavaScript as suggested by Prasanna, but I was still looking for something which will let me do my interaction design, without going into coding. This is where ixEdit hails.


ixEdit is a visual JS coding tool. It comes as a JavaScript file package only combined with CSS & works under your browser. You can simply add 2 lines of code to your HTML & rapidly start to design stuff in the browser itself with real time results.

It uses Google Gears to store the changes & JS as you are working, on your local computer only as long as the filename or browser doesn’t changes. This I hope will be changed to HTML5’s “File” feature for local storage.

The best part is, you can make all the interaction, events you want & then just deploy them at which ixEdit will give JS code which you can either put in your HTML file itself or modify to include in a separate JS file.

MCon Outdoor Advertising : Amalgamation of 3D & 2D in Web Designing.

Few days ago I was given the job to design the website of a Mumbai based Outdoor advertising which was to be made all in Flash. Now, Flash takes lots of time to load but also gives us some interactivity which isn’t possible in JavaScript.

I made the concept for MCons by looking at one of my old 3ds Max renders of Urban Colony. I went with a 3d Perspective & made real boards on which ads are shown outside our home.

This is how the modified design of MCons would look like.

Homepage b1

When the user clicks on the mailbox, it opens a slide out animation for this contact form.

contact form

We are also told to add cat & dog animation as they are the company’s trademark which will be added by Flash. My fellow ex-colleague at Infranix are working on it.

This is my last work in Infranix. Next work is going to be for SlideShare.

Ramswaroop College

This was one of my biggest projects & I was allowed to do whatever I wanted to keep the design good & minimal. The client gave the navigation links himself so I was not able to sort them again or make them better.

The header is simple depicting a iron board usually seen at colleges. I opted to go with a color scheme similar to the building of the college. Header has a object based search from which the user can do specific searches. He can search in the library for a book, or the whole website or just for a particular person such as teacher etc.

The flash ad shows pictures of the college followed by a latest news box. The icons used are from Tango Desktop Project. The homepage is self explanatory.

SRMCEM Homepage

The left hand side navigation sidebar is AJAX based. As visible in the following screenshots. The pages has expandable & collapsible navigation based on Accordion design.

Content Page Mechanical Engg

Content Page Library

Content page admission

404 page

Proposed page for faculty contacts

Faculty Information 6


Label9420 is a Anti-Piracy system for consumer goods. The partner companies subscribe to Label9420 based on which they get a label which they can paste on every unit of there product. Once the a consumer buys a product he can scratch the label & can either SMS the Code, or call on an IVR system or Check the authenticity of the product on

Homepage with default state without user interaction


Homepage after user interaction/


The design of the page is made keeping real life Labels in mind hence the unusual label & tag like header. The background shows an allay of a supermarket store depicting consumer goods which Label9420 is targeting

The main emphasis of the website was on the checking of authenticity code. Once the page opens, the cursor is already at the Code 1 Section which glows to show it is selected. The consumer will enter the codes & select on check after which the box will extend using javascript animation to show whether the product is genuine, fake or whether the code in incorrectly entered. It checks in a database of codes for this.

News related to fake products is shown at the top. Below it are shown other ways to find authenticity of the product such as IVR System or SMS. Next to it are two icons based on Tango Icons set for Contact & About Label 9520. Clicking on any of these will open the next page in an overlay as shown in the image.

Contact page of label 9420

The client wanted two kind of logins, one for manufacturer & one for consumer hence the tabbed UI for login box which by default goes to Consumer because most of the times it will be the consumer visiting the website. Consumer can login to see a database of all the codes & the products he has authenticated in the past.

At the bottom is a scrolling list of partner logos. Clicking on any logo will open the partner company’s website.