Update: I am no longer using Teewe and have gone back to using EzCast as before. You can read the updated review of EzCast.

As most of you already know, I am using EzCast since December 2014. EzCast is a very good device in terms of hardware and the features it provides. It supports DLNA, Airplay, Miracast, local file streaming from your phone/tablet/PC to your TV, support for Online Videos etc etc.

However, even though the hardware of EzCast was good, its app experience was not that good in terms of connectivity, interface etc so I started to look for something better and found Teewe 2.

Teewe 2 is made in India in terms of hardware and software. This was one reason why I preferred this over Chromecast or any other variant of EzCast.


Mango Man the company behind this product is not disclosing specification of this device but I believe it does not matter as long as the product is working fine. After all Apple never discloses CPU, RAM etc for iPhone but it stills works fine. Teewe does run on a variant of Android OS as identified by my TP-Link W8968 router.

In the box you will find the device, a long MicroUSB cable, charger and one HDMI extension cable. Even though it is nice to bundle all these for a good out of the box experience, I think Mango Man should stop giving these cables. This will reduce cost and wastage. People already have chargers & Micro USB cables lying around. HDMI extension cable is fine to bundle as they are hard to find specially when you need one and come in handy when your TV is wall mounted and hard to reach.

Connecting it to your TV is easy. Just plug it in the HDMI port and a power source. If your TV has a USB port than I recommend using it. This way your Teewe will start and stop only when you are using your TV.

Starting Teewe

Starting Teewe

Software part of Teewe still needs work. Fortunately, they are a young Indian start up and they listen to feedback given by their customers.

  1. I use my streaming devices with my Dell Venue 7 tablet and initially Teewe did not support tablets. A tweet to them helped and they released a version with tablet support within two days.
  2. Booting this device is slow. Not very slow but it takes around 1 minute to start. I wish they make this process fast.
  3. First time setup is easy. Just install their app on your device and start the device. App will automatically ask to setup device found on your WiFi and tell you steps to configure it. Just follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. It doesn’t work with Static IP so don’t give it one in your router.
  5. It lets you set your own custom wallpaper and gives support for widgets like Weather, News and Time. This is a good feature as when not in use your TV can still work as a dashboard. The possibilities here are endless in terms of what all you can show and I hope Mango Man provides more widgets.

Teewe app on Android doesn’t work in restricted account. This will not affect regular usage though. Restricted account in Android 4.3 and 4.4 allows the admin to set applications to run. In Android 5.0 and above this mode will only run Stock Google apps. Teewe should fix this because a large majority of users in India are still using Android 4.3 & Android 4.4.

Teewe does disconnects from WiFi at times. Sometimes everything works fine and I am able to watch a video flawlessly for 2 hrs and sometimes it get disconnected soon within 10 or 15 minutes. Maybe giving a 5db external Wi-Fi antenna will help.

Playing Mr. Robot

Playing Mr. Robot

Teewe is better than EzCast in terms of the UX. Its interface is easy to use. What truly makes Teewe unique and awesome is its Player queue feature. Anyone can install the Teewe’s app in their Smartphone and connect to my Teewe as long as they are on the same WiFi of my home. Then they can just select any YouTube video or an on-device video or music file and their app will ask them if they want to play or Queue to the current playlist.


Adding something to player queue


Playing Music on Teewe

Playing Music on Teewe

This makes Teewe a unique device for parties where people can just queue videos or music from each of their device and Teewe will keep on playing from their device one after the other.

Teewe also lets you control the volume of playback from device itself. Just adjust volume with your phone’s volume keys and it should work. There is a slight latency though but not annoying.

Teewe’s utility doesn’t only end here. You can install Teewe app on your Windows or Mac laptop which is a very good media manager. It automatically detects your Teewe shows etc and fills all tags.


Teewe Desktop app for Windows

Teewe doesn’t support DLNA or Miracast but you can also mirror your Windows or Mac desktop to Teewe using their Chrome Extension. This way you can play Facebook, Dailymotion or any other video on your TV using this extension. I request Teewe to soon provide support for Firefox and Microsoft Edge in terms of extension.

This has a noticeable latency but something you should expect if you have 802.11n WiFi. This WiFi standard was made many years ago when mirroring was not even a thing. Today’s 802.11ac WiFi streams and mirrors very very fast. Besides, in regular use this will not be an issue. The only time you are likely to need this when you need to show people something on the bigger screen from your laptop.

Mirroring Windows Desktop using Teewe extension for Chrome'

Mirroring Windows Desktop using Teewe extension for Chrome’

As an added bonus if you have Airtel Broadband, you can 20 GB extra usage limit each month for 3 months.


I prefer to buy things which can be used in multiple and as many ways as possible. This is why I purchased a Sound Blaster Roar which can also be used in multiple ways and now with Teewe, they compliment each other.  I just wish they fix their software issues and provides features like DLAN and Miracast for native screen/file sharing.