The new mobile theme is alive

I am happy to announce that this blog is now compatible with smart phones and other smart devices. I just finished creating a custom theme which is similar to the current blog theme in look & feel but adjusts the blog automatically when viewed on a mobile device.


For this I am using on few WordPress plugins and some tricks.

  1. WordPress Mobile Pack – This plugin automatically detects whether the user is viewing the blog from a mobile phone, smart device or a computer and depending on that it loads the mobile centric theme & layout.
  2. I had to disable Lightbox & Contact form 7 for mobile theme as they were loading JavaScript files which were not required in case of user reading the blog in a mobile phone. I am using a simple Wp-contactform for mobile view.
  3. You can contact me using the contact form whose link is given in the header as an email Icon. You can also find me on twitter, Facebook, Ovi, Flickr & LinkedIn using the links given in the footer.
  4. The theme is tested & working fine in Nokia browser, Android 2.1, iOS 3.0 & Opera Mini/Mobile. I request users to check my blog in as many devices as possible and let me know of any bug you encounter.
  5. The best way to read my blog is to subscribe to the RSS feed in your device using the RSS icon in the header. That will ensure that you get all my latest posts & updates delivered to your device automatically & with proper rendering for the device.


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