gNewsReader – Google Reader done right on Symbian

How many of you use RSS feeds to keep track of news on the internet? Well, they are still very important considering on a mobile phone the screen size and resources are small so to-the-point information or highlight of a news is preferred. Users can easily read all the news they have subscribed to while going about their daily routine.

I have been using the RSS reader of Opera Mini for 4 years myself due to its text rendering and huge data traffic savings. But this changed once I saw gNewsReader by Yogeshwar Padhyegurjar. I got everything I asked for. Hence I decided to help him with its UI design immediately to provide Symbian users a comparable yet simple and efficient experience to get the news.

gNewsReader is a Google Reader client. This means you will need to setup an account in Google Reader prior to using gNewsReader which I don’t think is a big issue because you are most likely already using a Gmail ID which connects all Google Services.

All you need to do is to start the app in your Symbian phone and Login with your Google account credentials and gNewsReader will automatically sync all unread feeds, stories etc. After this, the interface is self explanatory.

The best part about gNewsReader is ability to send a story to Read it Later. I personally recommend Read It later as you get an awesome Read It later client by Talvinder Bansal called SymPaper in which you can read the story some other time even if you are offline. I am also designing the UI of SymPaper.

This app is made using the User Interface guidelines of Symbian Belle. We are constantly making the app better everyday. If you like this app, I recommend buying it to support us and our work so that we can make it better further.

In case you find any interface related bugs then feel free to either mail me using the contact link at the top of this page. In case it is some technical bug then mention it to Yogeshwar on Twitter



3 thoughts on “gNewsReader – Google Reader done right on Symbian”

  1. I have not yet subscribed to RSS but then the news about gNewsReader seem desirable. I will try this one out. Thanks for being informative @Saurav.

  2. When the RSS reader was in use too it had its merits though in a less number, and as time moves the introduction of the gNewsReader with many advantages people have to shift again to it, i too desire to use it as it has greater advantages like those of storing for later reading. 😀

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