Unify Remote – Control PC using Lumia

As you all know, I switched to Lumia 800 recently from my Nokia N8. I still love Symbian a lot and find Windows Phone lacking in features but just cribbing about Windows phone won’t give it features. The only way to fix Windows phone is to make apps for the features it lacks and make some money too in the process Smile with tongue out. For this along with many developers making apps for Windows phone, I also have to give accolades to Mike Dabney.

If you remember, I designed a Remote profile for Vectir for my Nokia N8 which lets me control Windows Media Centre from my N8. This was something I was missing a lot since I started using Lumia 800 as my primary phone as Vectir isn’t available for Windows Phone yet but it is coming soon with something awesome.

I tried a lot of remote control apps for Windows phone but none of them were as nicely designed or developed as Unify.

home_media home_touchpad home_keyboard








Unify lets you control your Windows PC completely. Some benefits are…

  • It gives you a remote control for Windows Media Player or Media Centre.
  • It lets you control the cursor on your screen using an area designated to register movement on your phone which moves the cursor in your Windows PC.
  • It gives you key commands like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+alt+del and much more.
  • It even gives you the ability to type in your phone which in turn will type on your just like you would using a regular physical keyboard connected to PC.

You can check more screenshots and download Unify at its Windows Phone marketplace page.

Here is the thing. You must try this app because once you get hooked to it, you won’t let this app go. It is that wonderful, magical and useful.