Windows Media Centre remote for Nokia touch phones & Vectir

There is a fantastic piece of software written for Windows called Vectir. Using Vectir you can control different media players running on the computer with your Bluetooth or WiFi enabled mobile phone. I have been using Vectir since the days of Nokia N79 & even did a review sometime back. However, things changed once I got my Nokia N8.

I did not like the bundled skins with Vectir graphically. Functionality wise they work nicely but they need some design love. So, I am making a remote profile for Vectir using which you can control Windows Media Centre with your Nokia Touch Screen phones. Here is how to use it.

  1. The developers at Vectir have now bundled my theme with the release of Vectir 2.4. Thanks a lot to them. You can check the blog post & download Vectir 2.4 from here.
  2. Go to Vectir & configure your phone as said on Vectir configuration page. Install the Vectir app in your mobile phone.
  3. Select my profile called WMC for Nokia Touch phones from the list of available profiles which will show up in your phone once connected.
  4. The keys are self-explanatory.


Since most of the Nokia Touch screen phones now are coming with AMOLED screen, I am making another theme for controlling Media Centre with black accent because with black colours the battery usage of AMOLED screens is further reduced. Both the white & black theme will be available.

I have also created the Windows Media Player profile half way. I will be posting it soon, after converting it to black accent.

: Here is the work in progress for the black theme. This is made with Nokia phones having AMOLED screens as black colour is more energy efficient on AMOLED screens then White.

Remote black