Windows Diary

I was thinking today, what happened to the good old diary we used to keep in real life? Where did it go, has it vanished somewhere? It seems that it really has vanished, or maybe the form is changed.

We now spend so much time on computers, why not have a diary which we can password protect or share with other family members. So far I have not seen any compelling diary application for Windows so I decided to make a concept UI as I am not a software developer. Now if only like always I could find a software developer willing to make this a reality. Presenting Windows Diary…

Windows Diary uses a database to save all the diary entries. You just start the app & select the date from the calendar on the sidebar which you can show or hide using the sidebar button on the task toolbar & click on the “New Diary Entry” button on the toolbar. You can have multiple diary entries per day & multiple pages per entry. You can edit, add music, video or image to the diary, export the diary entry as a PDF or XPS or mail it to anyone. Then you have the Show/Hide sidebar & Options button.

You can also search for a particular diary entry by name, tag, or date using the integrated search field.

I don’t know much, what else would you require in a diary application? Or is there any idea using which I can make it further simple? Let me know in the feedback.

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